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Grand Theft Auto Online players are still awaiting the release of the Formula One-inspired Progen PR4 and Ocelot R88 cars from the Diamond Casino heist update. Here’s what we know about when they will be available in-game. 

When Rockstar Games finally announced that GTA V players would be able to bust down the doors of the Diamond Casino and take part in a long-awaited heist, some fans were already planning their spending sprees.

Though, a spanner was thrown into the works when 20 brand-new vehicles were leaked – with the seemingly hugely expensive Formula One-inspired race cars leaving players begging for a release date. So, when will they be released to the streets of Los Santos? Here’s what we know so far. 

An image of the R88 Ocelot in black from GTA Online.
GTA Wiki

The Ocelot R88 is the other F1-like car that will be available in GTA Online.

Are the Formula One cars available in GTA Online?

As of now, the cars are technically available to PC GTA 5 players as some have found ways to mod them in and join custom game modes where they are being tested. 

For console players though, the wait goes on. Rockstar have been dropping their weekly content updates since the Diamond Casino heist was introduced and while the release schedule for the cars added in that patch was leaked, the developers have seemingly deferred from that. 

Some players have stated that they believe the Formula One cars will be added with the next major race update – speculating that it could be at least a month away. So, it looks like we’ll be waiting a little while yet. 

How much do Formula One cars cost in GTA Online?

When they are introduced, however, you are going to want to have some cash stashed away because they won’t be cheap. The Progen PR4, which looks the more modern of the two race cars, will set you back $3,515,000.

The Ocelot R88, which looks a lot like the iconic Lotus 97T mixed with the Alfa Romeo 179B, will only be slightly cheaper. Like the PR4, it will be available from the Legendary Motorsports website for $3,115,000.

Can GTA Online’s Formula One cars be modified? 

As with every car in GTA, the two in question will be pretty customizable, so you can set yourself apart from other players in GTA Online.

According to members of the GTAForums, each car will come with it’s own unique paint jobs that you can purchase that will look like real-life liveries that have been used in Formula One races. The team names and sponsors may not be there, but hardcore F1 fans will be able to spot the similarities. 

A screenshot of a GTA Forums post describing the paint jobs for GTA Online's Formula One cars.

GTAForums members have had their hands on the new F1 Cars for GTA Online.

With these Formula One-inspired vehicles being labeled as ‘open wheel’ cars in GTA Online, this means that they will be first new category added in quite a while. 

That could very well mean that Rockstar drops other similar vehicles in the future, but a full starting grid’s worth might be pushing the boat out a little too far.

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