Volleyball with a 6-pound medicine ball? It’s an Rx for fitness – OCRegister

As the popping sound of volleyball serves filled the air near Huntington Beach Pier on Sunday, Sept. 8, one group of players stood out from the crowd. The athletes — and the ball they were playing with — were all extra buff.

Jeremy Buendia, 28, a fitness trainer and four-time International Federation of Bodybuilding Olympia Physique champion, hurled a bright blue six-pound medicine ball 60 feet over the net, seemingly using all of his championship strength.

Buendia borrowed the idea from former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison, who posts online videos of his grueling workouts including “medicine volleyball.”  In this game players can cradle, but not hold, the ball.

In Buendia’s group of five was professional bodybuilder Tara Grier, 26, of Huntington Beach. Grier is training for the Iron Games Pro Bikini Muscle contest coming to Culver City in November.

After Sunday’s workout, “I was sore all over,” she said. “Its a full-body workout. Being on the sand requires core balance.”

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Buendia says the workout is great for cardio and conditioning. “It gets the heart rate up and it’s better than running on a treadmill,” he said.

And perhaps the best part was the jump in the ocean afterward.

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