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Last night, Formula One Esports demonstrated the racing genre at its very best.

Sports video games are often compared to their real life counterparts as inferior in every aspect that makes the latter so engaging, but that is to miss the point of the different – though not less considerable – skills required to play the digital versions to a high level.

And, based on yesterday’s semi-finals, production, class and adrenaline were three areas that Formula One Esports was geared to the nines on.

The dramatic atmosphere of the Gfinity Arena, combined with competitors playing in futuristic racing pods, provided a lateral but equally immersive experience for racing enthusiasts of all interests to enjoy.

The quality of the game and commentary would leave most passers-by believing that they’d stumbled upon a genuine Formula One Grand Prix, with only the familiarity of Twitch providing context as a video-game streaming platform.

It was also broadcasted on Sky Sports – a testament to the notion that sports esports will play a key role in bringing competitive gaming to the masses.

At one point, #F1esports was trending in the UK on Twitter, and Tweeters were head over wheels about the event.

Check out the best of their reactions below:

Image: Joe Brady


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