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Tony Romo is one of the star attractions at the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament this week in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

 So, Romo’s annual press conference at the event, which will be aired on NBC this weekend, was a must-attend event.

 Romo didn’t disappointment.

 When asked what his goals for his golf career, Romo had a quick response.

 “To probably win the grand slam,” Romo said with a sly smile. “I could then probably leave as a finished product.”

 Certainly, Romo was joking. But who could doubt Romo of accomplishing anything?

 He is one of the most fascinating figures in sports. He is one of those rare athletes who thrives in another arena after retirement. Romo, who turned 39 in April, retired as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys after the 2016 after enduring several injuries.

 He went directly into the NFL broadcast booth one CBS’ lead team with Jim Nantz. Romo mesmerized the national audience with his natural grasp as a broadcaster. His uncanny ability to call a play before it happens has become an internet sensation.

 However, in addition to his work in the NFL, Romo is carving out a fabulous golf career.

 He is back in Lake Tahoe to defend his American Century Championship title, which he won last year. He is currently a 2/1 betting co-favorite with former Major League Baseball pitcher Mark Mulder.

 Remarkably, Romo said Wednesday that he didn’t feel like he played well last year and he currently feels his game is very strong.

 So, another celebrity title could come Romo’s way. Romo, who reportedly makes about $4 million a year as a broadcaster ad is probably in line for a raise, declined the $125,000 price money in Tahoe last year to retain his amateur status. He plays in several tournament a year.

 It’s probably a pipe dream for Romo to ever become ruelgar on the PGA Tour, but is clearly something he will compete in for the next several years.

Romo said he enjoys the challenge of always trying to improve his game and further learn the technical and strategical aspects of the golf. He said no matter how much success he has on the golf course, he knows he can always improve in specific areas.

 He equated it to always working of his throwing motion as the Cowboys’ quarterback.

 Of course, it feeds his competitive nature. This particular tournament is dear to Romo. Not only is it nationally televised, but thousands of screaming fans attend this   event every year.

 For a guy used the NFL bright lights, Lake Tahoe gives Romo a competitive charge.

 He will certainly be in the spotlight Friday, the start of the three-day, 54-hole tournament. The two other players in his threesome are none other than mega entertainment superstar Justin Timberlake and Golden State Warriors’ star guard Steph Curry. That is a ton of firepower.

 There’s no doubt, Romo will live up to the expectations and deliver when the pressure is at its greatest.

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