The demise of tennis in the USA (ok, in American Canyon) – Napa Valley Register

I am not a big tennis player, but I do enjoy the exercise and challenge of a good tennis game.

The public tennis courts of Elliott Park, American Canyon have always been a sad state of affairs. Many visible cracks on the court surface, scuffed paint lines, potholes, etc. About two years ago, the courts were finally closed for repair. A long wait, and the nearby residents forgot they even had a tennis court.

To my great surprise one day in late 2019, the courts were finally repaired, and they looked very impressive with their freshly painted blue surface. However, although repairs completed, the courts remained closed.

Sometime in February 2020, with no fanfare, the courts were finally open to the public. I played on them once and only once.

Then, the Corona COVID-19 crisis happened, and the courts were closed mid-March. You just cannot win.

Then May 11, the courts were re-opened with social distancing enforced.

And what happened May 11? It rained.

What is it about Napa County – will its residents ever play real tennis again?

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