'The community never disappoints': Hazard supports baseball coach battling cancer – WYMT News

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – On Tuesday night the Hazard community gathered together to support Hazard High School baseball coach John Meehan.

“One of the the great guys I ever met in my life you know. Dedication, tradition everything like that,” said Jarrett Napier one of Meehan’s players.

Meehan was diagnosed with cancer, and now the school and community are hosting fundraisers.

Napier said he wanted to do everything he could for Meehan when he heard the diagnosis.

“Disbelief you know I couldn’t believe what was going on and what I just heard. I knew we had to do something about it,” said Napier.

On Tuesday night, McDonald’s on Citizen’s Lane donated a portion of their sales to help Meehan pay his medical bills.

“We’ve just really been trying to keep Coach’s spirits up you know because we know that’s one of the most important things whenever you’re going through a tough situation, and then we’ve done several fundraisers like this just you know trying to raise some money to help him out,” said Napier.

Paul Patula, one of the supervisors and owner operators at McDonald’s said he was one of Meehan’s former players and knew he needed to help.

“The community never disappoints whenever we do something like this, and they are certainly out tonight and helping out with the cause.”

Hazard High School is selling t-shirts for $10.

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