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SportStars’ Anniversary Project Begins With The Girls Volleyball Big 10 — Our Top 10 NorCal Girls Volleyball Players From The Past 10 Seasons (2010-2019) •

Welcome to the SportStars’ Girls Volleyball BIG 10. 

This is an installation to our Big 10 Project: A 10-months long anniversary project to celebrate what will be 10 years of SportStars this June. From January through October, we’ll be releasing lists of the Top 10 players and teams of the SportStars Era from across several sports. Many will debut in our monthly editions while many others will be exclusive to Readers will even have a chance to vote on some. 

Here’s our stab at the girls volleyball, a sport that featured 28 state titles for NorCal teams over the past 10 seasons. So naturally, no shortage of talent to choose from. 

Here’s The Big 10, listed alphabetically.


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