Silverstone Agrees To Host Two Races For 2020 Season – Rojak Daily

With 10 races being postponed or cancelled, the 2020 Formula One season had a bleak outlook. Many race organisers uncertain of the feasibility of conducting an event, given the various states of restrictions imposed by governments on sports events. When Silverstone race organisers announced that the iconic British track will host two races, there was a massive sigh of relief among the Formula 1 community. This was the best piece of news indicating that the season will go on.

With Silverstone already confirming earlier that any race would be held behind closed doors, F1 is still in discussion with the UK government about the logistics and safety regulations for the events. Although no contract has been signed between F1 and Silverstone, the two Grand Prix races are expected to take place on July 26th and August 2nd. 

“I’m delighted we’ve got an agreement in principle to host not one but two Formula 1 races at Silverstone this summer,” Stuart Pringle, Silverstone’s managing director, told Sky Sports.

“It’s great news for Silverstone, it’s great news for the championship. It is of course entirely subject to the government approving it and the situation nationally allowing sport behind closed doors to take place. It’s very important I make that caveat clear.” he added.

Ross Brawn, Managing Director of Motor Sports and technical director for Formula One, told SkySports recently that Formula One is identifying measures to put in place as part of a closed-doors event, effectively creating a ‘biosphere’ at race venues for the safety of their travelling personnel. 

Formula One has proposed to start the season in Austria at the Red Bull Ring on July 2nd, as well put forward plans following Silverstone to hold a second race on July 15th. However, the details are yet to be confirmed. It will be the first time in history that one venue will be staging two Grands Prix races in the same season. So teams that don’t succeed the first time can try again. 

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