Seneca community members band together to repair damaged little league baseball field – KSNF/KODE –

A little league baseball field is damaged after this week’s severe storms.

Community members are banding together to help clean up the facility before the season begins. Meanwhile, the Seneca Athletic Board is allocating funds to begin the repairs immediately.

“Very urgent you know. We were already pushing time and now with this it’s going to be even harder,” says Blake Scribner, Athletic Club Vice President.

Seneca Athletic Board members are used to dealing with flooding damage on the baseball fields.

“We had a flood a couple years ago that took down mostly all of our fences and ruined the field, so we had to bring in dirt and we’ve filled in as much as we can and tried to replace all the dugouts … all the fences for the dugouts,” says Blake Scribner.

Plans were already in the works to upgrade the little league dugouts. But with a recent severe storm, one of the dugouts suffered greatly from gusty winds.

“On the backside of the dugouts, their all … the fence is ripped up from the floods. All the dugouts need replaced  .. where the kids sit the benches need to be replaced and that was our agenda, to start doing here in a couple weeks and then the winds came and blew the roof and blew down the little league dugout,” says Scribner.

The coaches have now put up caution tape around the dugout because of the safety hazard and are beginning efforts to restore it to once again be a safe and fun place for kids. 

“Oh I think it’s very important. I mean you have to have safe dugouts for the kids to play in and good facilities. You know you want to be proud of what their playing on,” says Chris Yust, Seneca High School Head Baseball Coach.

And now with baseball season fast approaching, the Seneca Athletic Board is asking for help.

“Every spring I mean we need as many volunteers as we can get to help, not only with you know things that have been damaged over the winter, but just clean up and get ready … field work maintenance for the season,” says Chris Yust.

“It was just you know six, seven of us, eight guys down there on the weekend trying to get ready and taking time away from our families to get everything ready, but now everybody’s trying to help out and get everything accomplished, so it’s a good thing,” says Blake Scribner.

Team drafts will begin in March, while the season starts in April.

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