Proposed bill would bring sports betting, casino riverboats on land to Indiana – WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS Ind. (WISH) – Changes could be coming to the gambling industry in Indiana, including the addition of sports betting, live table games and even riverboats on land. A bill moving through the statehouse might bring all of that to Indiana. 

For the last quarter century, Hoosiers have been able to gamble it just had to be on the water or at the local racino. Senator Mark Messmer’s bill could be changing the landscape across the state. Messmer says his bill would not add more casinos but would change the regulations restricting some, including the riverboats in Gary. 

The bill would allow those boats to move on land to free up space for industrial development, yet still keep the revenue from the casinos in those local communities. It would allow live dealers for table games. It would also legalize sports betting in the state, something Messmer believes Indiana is behind on. 

“Almost every state has got plans in place or has approved. The majority of the states are moving forward with it,” said Messmer. “If we don’t our citizens of Indiana are just going to neighboring states and it’s legal through Las Vegas and New Jersey and dozens of other states that have adopted or will adopt.” 

Betting on esports is not in the bill and the live table games could be added to casino floors as soon as this year. The bill has moved on public policy committee and is being heard by that committee Wednesday.  

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