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The Bundle of Joy Fund has been mentioned quite often throughout the start of the 2020 NASCAR season. What is it, and how can fans get involved?

Kyle Busch’s NASCAR Truck Series dominance led to fellow full-time Cup Series driver Kevin Harvick and Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis placing a $100,000 bounty on him for any full-time Cup Series driver who could drop down to the Truck Series and beat him in any one of his final four starts of the season.

The all-time winningest Truck Series driver secured his seventh consecutive Truck Series victory going back to July of 2018 back on Friday, February 21 in his first start of the season with a dominant performance at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

However, that was the final race before a 95-day hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The Truck Series saw no more action until Tuesday, May 26 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

In the opening race of the bounty, Busch fell to fellow full-time Cup Series driver Chase Elliott, marking his first non-win at NASCAR’s third highest level in over two years — when he also finished in second place at the four-turn, 1.5-mile (2.414-kilometer) oval in Concord, North Carolina.

If Busch had been able to pass Elliott to keep his streak alive, and had he been able to keep that streak alive throughout the remainder of his Truck Series starts this season, that $100,000 from Harvick and Lemonis would have gone to the Bundle of Joy Fund, an organization which was founded by Kyle and his wife Samantha to help couples who require fertility treatments to conceive their own “Bundle of Joy”.

His reaction to missing out on this money in his post-race interview, one of his most memorable interviews to date, showed not only how much he hates losing (we already knew that), but just how near and dear the Bundle of Joy Fund is to his heart.

We heard even more about it when Kyle and his brother Kurt called the Xfinity Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway the following Monday, June 1 along with Adam Alexander.

Shortly thereafter, Elliott announced that he would be donating $25,000 of his $100,000 winnings to the Bundle of Joy Fund, a kind gesture for which Kyle and Samantha were extremely grateful.

So what is the Bundle of Joy Fund, and how can fans get involved?

We recently spoke to both Kyle and Samantha, who have unfortunately had to deal with infertility struggles of their own, about the cause, and both of them provided information and resources for the public to learn more.

“We actually started the Bundle of Joy Fund in 2015,” Kyle told Beyond the Flag. “It provides infertility education and awareness, while removing financial barriers by granting monetary awards to couples who require fertility treatments. If people want to find out more or donate, they can head to”

To date, the Bundle of Joy Fund has awarded 59 grants worth a total of $765,000. A total of 28 babies have been born, with eight more on their way.

“All information is at, but we strive really hard to take away the financial barriers that many couples face when facing infertility,” said Samantha. “What a lot of people don’t know is these are hard-working individuals in the community. They have insurance, but unfortunately a lot of insurance plans don’t cover infertility treatments, and they can run anywhere upwards of $20,000 for just a round.

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“What we try to do at the Bundle of Joy Fund is raise money in order to help them have a chance to go through infertility, while at the same time educating the community on the stigma that goes along with infertility and telling couples the questions they should ask, building community and support so they feel less alone. Our infertility struggles have not been easy, but we’ve been trying to make a positive out of them by the education, the awareness, the empowerment, and of course, the grant.”

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