Muskingum County Speedway brings in Nascar drivers for Ohio Sprint Speedweek All Star Circuit of Champions – WHIZ

DRESDEN, Ohio- It’s been a busy week for Muskingum County Speedway.

Six day after hosting it’s annual July 3rd race, the Ohio Sprint Speedweek All Star Circuit of Champions made a stop in Muskingum County.

You might be wondering, what is Ohio Sprint Speedweek?

The cars have over 900 horsepower, which is a little over half of what a stock car has.

So these cars. They can fly.

Not literally but the wings on the car can be adjusted during the race to make the cars go faster through the turns.

The drivers are right in the middle of Sprint Speedweek. They compete in nine races in ten days throughout the Buckeye state.

And oh yeah, did I mention, some of the drivers involved in Sprint Speedweek features NASCAR drivers, Kyle Larson and Tony Stewart.

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