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It seems we are getting closer and closer to hearing about the potential return of a NHL season. That was how we started this week’s edition of the “Up In The Blue Seats” podcast with Ron Duguay.

Ron and I open talking about the rumored plans of how the season might return. Does a 24-team playoff make sense? Ron talks about his conversations with a team executive about where discussions are at right now and when we can finally get an answer. Ron also talks about women’s hockey not getting enough attention from the NHL and more money needing to be put into it.

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Speaking of women’s hockey, Ron and I chat with U.S. Women’s Olympic hockey gold medalist Amanda Kessel. Kessel talks about 5K for the frontlines challenge, having to sit out two years with a concussion and the feeling of winning gold in 2018. She also discusses the competition with her brother Phil, who plays for the Coyotes. Kessel talks leaving the NWHL, the lack of support by the NHL for women’s hockey and being a part of NHL All-Star Weekend. She also talks being an ambassador for the junior Rangers girls hockey program and playing alongside Ron in an exhibition game.

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