LHSAA Director Discusses Volleyball Precautions – News15 | Lafayette, LA – FOX 15

Lafayette, LA (KADN) — Just like high school football, Acadiana area volleyball players and coaches are dealing with the unknowns and safety precautions COVID-19 creates for the fall season. LHSAA Director Eddie Bonine says that could include changes to the volleyball net.

“Maybe there is something in the net that would prevent spit or sweat or stuff going through it,” Bonine said at LHSAA executive committee meeting. “I don’t know what that is. I don’t know what that material would be. Maybe a fine cheesecloth, but it won’t be the regular squares. That’s just conversation. Also rotating in the balls and having them sanitized regularly. Not as much as football, but they are still going to sanitize and wipe the balls down. Social distancing on the benches is something else you’ll see. Also, not sharing water bottles or towels.”

Bonine said these are weird times. He hates using the phrase “new normal” to describe what everyone is going through across the country. He hopes fans, parents, players, and coaches can learn from this and still have a productive 2020 volleyball season. The first matches are scheduled for August 31st.

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