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If you haven’t heard the news yet, earlier this week, three-time Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton became world champ once again. This marks the professional single-set racecar driver’s fourth victory as the best in the division.

Last week, Hamilton won the U.S. Grand Prix in Texas by a fairly significant margin (66 points clear of Sebastian Vittal, who placed second), which sealed his position to compete for the championship in Mexico.

Hamilton’s victory follows his decision to go plant-based in September, which may have had a hand in the athlete’s performance. Contrary to what one might believe, professional motorsports calls for an athlete to be in peak condition. Many drivers make an effort to keep their weight down, which allows them to drive faster. In addition to that, drivers must be physically fit enough to withstand G-forces and temperatures that reach between 130 to 160°F — in short, being a professional racecar driver is no leisurely drive around the park.

Reflecting on his change in diet, Hamilton told Motorsport, “Me personally, I feel the best I have ever felt, physically and mentally. All year I have felt strong mentally, but physically I have taken a big step and that is with the decision I have taken to change my diet.”

Hamilton isn’t the first in the world of professional motorsports to go plant-based. NASCAR athlete Leilani Münter, who drove a completely vegan vehicle at Daytona earlier this year, has been vegan for over five years. She was named one of the top female racecar drivers in the world by Sports Illustrated, which goes to show you that you don’t need meat to be one of the best.

In today’s world, an athlete’s ability to perform on a vegan diet is no longer a question. Along with Münter, several athletes, such as Serena Williams, are open about how being plant-based has helped them reach new heights in their careers.

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All image source: Lewis Hamilton/Facebook

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