Kimi Raikkonen Begins Training the Next Generation for Formula One – Essentially Sports

Earlier on Instagram, Kimi Raikkonen posted a video of his son Robin in a go kart with a caption reading, “Aceman begins”. In other words, the veteran Finn is letting his children get a head start. Afterwards, the Formula One Twitter handle tweeted Raikkonen’s video, declaring that Robin’s first laps were on the board.

Interestingly, it seems that Robin has a head start in terms of skill development as he was riding around on a damp surface. In the mean time, Kimi Raikkonen is enjoying his summer break and spending quality time with his family.

The 2007 World Champion is much more relaxed at Alfa Romeo in comparison with his earlier stint with Ferrari. In fact, his performance has been impeccable and he has dragged the car into positions where it normally would not be.

Coming back to the four-year old Robin, the clip revealed that he elected to take a cautious approach out on the track. Given that it is his first time, baby steps are expected, but once the racing spirit kick in, Robin Raikkonen will surely get faster as he gets in more practice.

He enjoys cars, but more bikes right now,” commented his father, Kimi Raikkonen a while ago.

“But who knows, today they like one thing and tomorrow it is completely 180 degrees on something else.”

“I don’t mind, if it only comes as a hobby then it is a great hobby for them, and it is probably easier for me.”

The Finn will now be looking forward to the Belgian Grand Prix in 2 weeks’ time, a track that he is quite fond of. He has amassed four wins at the Circuit de Spa Francorchamps and a number of podiums. In fact, Belgium is a favourite among many F1 drivers, both past and present, because of the challenge it poses.

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