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A Prescott inventor has created a tool to help golfers improve their game, and he is making a point to keep his business local and create new jobs.

Ken Christopherson has helped golfers by creating custom clubs for 30 years. When Christopherson moved to Prescott, he said the hobby became more of a full-time job.

“The biggest reason why people came to me for custom clubs is because they couldn’t find a club off the rack that could keep the ball in play and achieve what everybody wants; greater distances off the tee, more accuracy and lower scores,” Christopherson said.

Christopherson found that while his clubs could help a golfer with their game, they could not improve their play significantly.

Guide rods are typical training aids for golfers. But not many devices on the market lock guide rods into place, Christopherson said. So seeing an opening and a chance to improve his golfers’ games, Christopherson began working on something that could help golfers everywhere. After several permutations and evolutions that took about a year, he developed the Acculine Golf Puck.

The Acculine Golf Puck is a hollow plastic puck where the guide rods can slide into the device and then be locked in place. The puck and guide rods help golfers with foot and ball position, club swing path positions and target aiming positions.

It was essential to Christopherson that everything included with the Acculine Golf Puck be made in America. The plastic puck injection parts are made in Sacramento, California. The boxes to package the device are from a company in Phoenix, and a business in Ohio makes the guide rods.

“I feel like I am doing what I can to keep it homegrown,” Christopherson said. “Not only in America, but as much work as I can generate out of Prescott and Arizona.”

Yavapai Exceptional Industries, which has several facilities in Prescott and Prescott Valley, will be responsible for assembling, packaging and shipping the product. All employees working on Acculine Golf Puck at YEI are special needs adults, said executive director Brad Newman. Newman expects as many as 22 employees could be working on the puck once business begins kicking off.

“At YEI, we like to say when your homegrown company outgrows your garage you have to come to Yavapai Exceptional Industries,” Newman said.

Currently, the Golf Puck is available only through online purchase. A three-puck system, which includes; three pucks, five white guide rods, a zippered pouch, and many other accessories, costs $74.94. The four-puck system is the highest-priced item on the website at $99.96.

Christopherson said he is offering the Acculine Golf Puck only online to keep costs down for himself and consumers. That is not to say he won’t offer the Golf Puck in physical stores, but until then he is just focusing on his business.

“If I bring another presence in that’s going to say ‘we want you to produce this at this cost or have this product in this color,’ it would change what I could provide,” Christopherson said. “In other words, this is without question the highest quality item that I could make.”

More information about the Acculine Golf Puck can be found at its website:

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