Ice Drags Races held in Merrill – WSAW

MERRILL, Wis (WSAW) — A popular Wisconsin tradition known as Ice Drags Racing took place along the Wisconsin River on Saturday. Despite the cold weather, drivers took to the ice in hopes of winning a trophy and bragging rights.

Although the races may seem similar to auto races on land, participants say it’s something about racing on frozen water that brings a little more excitement.

“Its super fun,” said Mandy Herning, who came in second place in her drag race competition. “I started racing about 20-years ago when my stepdad threw me in a car and told me to put the pedal to the medal and go straight. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Any car and anyone can participate as long as they have a valid driver’s license. It’s completely free for spectators to watch from the sidelines, but a $20 race enrollment fee. Proceeds will go to support next years races and the greater Merrill community.

“We race stock cars from rubber tires, both two and four-wheel drive, all the way to modified vehicles,” explained Jay Dietzler, a staff member for the Merrill Ice Drags Race.

Races have been held since January and will conclude at the end of February. A championship awards banquet for all participants and the community is scheduled for the beginning of March.

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