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During a Formula One race, drivers often come on the team radio with their race engineers. However, at times, the messages can induce a lot of laughter for the viewers and sometimes the drivers and engineers. So, in the 2019 Formula One season, which are the funniest team radio messages?

1. You’re Crying? I’m Crying!

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2019 would be the last time Lando Norris and his race engineer Andrew Jarvis partner up. So, once the season finale race concluded, both driver and engineer teared up. The reason behind Jarvis’ departure is relatively unknown, but it is clear that he and Lando Norris shared a great relationship.

2. Smooth Operator

This actually became a running joke for McLaren driver Carlos Sainz, who was a fan of the song. After the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Spaniard recorded a second consecutive 5th place for McLaren. After the celebration, Carlos Sainz just asked his engineer, “Do you know what that was? That was a Smooth Operator! Smooooooooooth Operatoooooooor!”

Then the team replied back saying, “Carlos, check the radio, we seem to have picked up some dodgy music channel again.”

3. Gasly’s Screams After his Maiden Podium

Getting a maiden podium can be an exhilarating experience, and after the up and down season that he had, Pierre Gasly deserved it. So, when he grabbed an unexpected podium in the Toro Rosso in Brazil, the French driver was crowing it to the high heavens.

4. Sushi

At the Russian Grand Prix 2019, Lando Norris finished in 8th place and apologised for not finishing higher. However he was informed that his radio timed out and the last thing that they heard was something about sushi. However, he quipped back that if they wanted him to be terminally ill, then they could have sushi in Japan

5. To Whom it May Concern

After a forgettable 2018 Formula One season, Valtteri Bottas was on a redemption arc and was on a mission. So, at the Australian Grand Prix, when he won the race, his engineer told him, “That’s payback for last year, Valtteri”. Then, the Finn held nothing back when he said on the radio, “To whom it may concern, F*** You!”

6. Forever

At the Austrian Grand Prix, Lando Norris was doing a stellar job of holding off Daniel Ricciardo. As they battled, the team radioed the youngster and instructed him to keep the Australian behind. At this point, Norris couldn’t help quipping, “You mean like, Forever?”

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