Chris Hoy learned on girl’s bike

Sir Chris Hoy

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Sir Chris Hoy is a four-time Olympic champion

Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy’s first bicycle was a girl’s bike, the Olympic gold medallist’s mother has revealed.

Sir Chris, 36, a four-time Olympic champion who won three golds at the 2008 Beijing Games, got the second-hand bike from his neighbour.

His mother, Carol Hoy, said he broke the bike “very quickly” so had to get a new one.

She said she thinks it is “mad” he earns his living by riding a bike but said she is very proud of him.

Mrs Hoy said: “His first ever bike was a girl’s bike, handed over by a neighbour.

“I don’t think he realised it was a girl’s bike at the time. He managed to break that very quickly which perhaps meant he’d like a new one.”

His Olympic titles are “very, very proud moments” but Carol Hoy added: “Then I was proud of him when he won the egg-and-spoon race when he was a wee boy as well. So I’m just a boring mum who loves her kids.”

Chris Hoy learned on girl’s bike

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