Jennifer Lawrence Says She Would Be a ‘Hotel Maid’, if Not an Actress

We love Jennifer Lawrence. She’s beautiful and she’s talented but she’s also funny and real. Girl totally speaks her mind, PR handlers be damned. Her post-Oscar win Q&A last year, where she admitted to taking a shot before the show and being a klutz in a fancy dress, won our hearts immediately. (Check out some […]

Europe at war

AFTER a meeting of top European rugby union officials in Dublin on Friday, the succinct public message was that it had been a positive get-together and further mediation would continue in January. In private, the word was different. EUROPE travel – Yahoo News Search Results

Foul weather threatens to snarl US holiday travel

Holiday travelers in the Midwest and parts East and South were keeping a leery eye Friday on a band of foul weather stretching across the nation's midsection that was threatening to mar the opening we US travel – Yahoo News Search Results