How Roger Goodell allowed a 'leader' to embarrass the NFL – New York Post

How Roger Goodell allowed a 'leader' to embarrass the NFL – New York Post

Just because Roger Goodell doesn’t tell the truth doesn’t mean he’s a liar, does it? I’d prefer to suggest that the commissioner of the NFL is paid roughly $40 million a year to say things that are plainly untrue. Among his whoppers: “PSLs are good investments.” Gambling on NFL team-invested fantasy football operations “is not […]

Tennis Congress teaches participants to improve as players and people – Tennis Magazine

Rafael Garcia credits tennis with helping lose more than 150 pounds. (Fernie Castillo) Call it the Immersive Tennis Experience (ITE). Long a staple of the recreational tennis life, the ITE can take on many forms. There’s a USTA league team, headed off to sectionals. There’s the exotic journey, millions of balls hit in a sun-drenched locale. There’s the […]

As Nebraska volleyball attempts to make history vs. Florida, John Cook and the Huskers aren't done having fun – Omaha World-Herald

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From locker room dancing to Halloween practice high jinks, John Cook from time to time will indulge the playfulness of his team. The coach thought he’d thrown them another bone in Kansas City when he posed for a holiday portrait — the players crouched in front of a Christmas tree with […]