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BRYAN (KBTX ) – Live sports returned on Sunday with NASCAR and televised golf. Hopefully that’s good news for college football fans in the fall. There’s still time for decisions regarding the 2020 season to be made, but most people agree it won’t be a normal football season this year.

Of course it’s hard to tell what “normal” is nowadays.

The Pac-12 has been in talks of possibly only playing conference games in 2020. Pac-12 member Colorado is on the Aggies’ schedule this year on September 19th. If the Pac-12’s plan comes to fruition, A&M would possibly have a hole to fill there.

Another roadblock the Aggies may run into is hosting Fresno State in October. The Bulldogs are part of the California State University school system that has already announced they’re not returning to campus in the fall and going all-virtual for their classes. But there’s still no word on how or if this will affect these schools’ athletic programs.

Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork says there’s no cancellations yet, and the Aggies still plan on playing their full schedule.

“Those are just talks right now. Nothing is concrete. We still don’t have the full clarity on what the seasons will look like. We’re planning on playing. I’ve been in dialogue with both athletic directors that were impacted by news this week. We play Fresno State. They’re part of the California State system. We play Colorado. They’re obviously part of the Pac-12. They tell me that they are proceeding as they are playing college football, as they are playing fall sports. We have to go on that,” Bjork exclaimed. “Do we have other conversations, do we run other scenarios and things like that? Of course we do, to be prepared. But as of now, those games are on, they’re scheduled, and we have to go on the information we have,” explained Bjork.

Texas A&M is scheduled to open their season at Kyle Field against Abilene Christian September 5th.

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