Aaron Chalmers Is Planning A Big Career Change Once He Retires From MMA – MTV UK

Former Geordie Shore star Aaron Chalmers has already left one career in reality TV to pursue his dream of becoming an MMA fighter, and now that he’s well on his way to becoming accomplished in that field, the lad is already planning the next step in his professional life.

Aaron fights for the fifth time this Saturday, going up against Corey Browning, and it seems as though his next career move won’t be too far from what he’s already doing. The Geordie lad is eyeing up a switch to WWE.

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Talking on the Eurobash podcast, Aaron said: “I’ve watched wrestling since I was a kid, I was always keeping tabs on it and when I went to Summer Slam in the summer… the atmosphere was just unbelievable. The layout of the whole thing and the atmosphere, it was just amazing.”

“My main priority is MMA for the next four or five years, maybe six years, but later on it would be nice to do a couple of years of wrestling,” he added. “The plan is to be fully retired by 40 with a good MMA career behind me and a good wrestling career behind me and then I can sit back and say, ‘Look, I’ve done the best I can possibly do.'”


The plan doesn’t seem far-fetched either as Aaron’s won each of his fights so far in the first round, but Browning will see him step up a class. It’ll be an interesting fight to watch.

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