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Let’s go over the fighters who’ve had their last fight and those who have more to go.

The world of MMA is full of fighters that are so willing to step into the cage and possibly receive terrible injuries its kind of insane. While this is good for the fans as there will always be fighters willing to step in in order to fill up a weekend fight card, this also means that fighters have a tendency to overstay their welcome in the sport.

MMA is full of cautionary tales of fighters who stayed way too long and too a massive amount of damage as a result, leaving them with some injuries that are unrepairable. Chuck Liddell comes to mind and shows that a fighter needs to know when to hang up the gloves.

On the other side of that spectrum are the fighters that have super long careers ahead of them and have yet to reach their potential. On that note, let’s go over 8 fighters who’ve had their last fight and 7 who have more to go.

14 Last Match – BJ Penn

Via: UFC

When BJ Penn made his return match to the UFC in 2017, fans were cautious but excited. Unfortunately, his return was immediately derailed by Yair Rodriguez who dominated him. Penn went on to lose every match he had after that and after getting knocked out in a bar fight, Dana White said BJ wouldn’t fight in the UFC again.

13 Staying Put – Max Holloway

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Max Holloway might have lost his title in a recent, somewhat upset loss to Alexander Volkanovski, but it’s not like Holloway was dominated in that fight. Holloway made every round a tough one for Volkanovski and was very humble after the match. Fans can expect to see him in the octagon soon.

12 Last Match – George Saint Pierre

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Georges Saint Pierre is one of the greatest fighters to ever compete in the octagon. When GSP made his comeback to fight Michael Bisping for the middleweight title the MMA world exploded, especially after he won. Due to his age and health issues, GSP officially retired from the sport of MMA in 2019.

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11 Staying Put – Stipe Miocic

Via: UFC

Stipe Miocic is the current Heavyweight champion of the world in the UFC, meaning that he is probably the most dangerous man in on the planet unarmed. Despite being slightly undersized for the division Miocic has cleared out the division, including Daniel Cormier and he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

10 Last Match – Demetrious Johnson

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Demetrious Johnson is probably the most underrated champion that the UFC has ever had, to the point where once he lost the title Dana seemed all too happy to part ways with him. Demetrious is now signed with ONE Championship and will probably spend the rest of his fighting career there.

9 Staying Put – Israel Adesanya

Via: UFC

Israel Adesanya is one of the biggest stars that the UFC has recently built up. Israel was able to claim gold in the promotion only two and a half years after first signing a contract with the UFC. only being 30 years of age at the time of writing, Israel has a long career ahead.

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8 Last Match – Ben Askren

Via: MMA Fighting

Ben Askren was someone fight fans and especially Joe Rogan was clamoring for in the UFC. When Ben did make his jump to the world’s largest fight promotion he had a ton of hype behind him. All that hype was stolen after a vicious KO loss to Jorge Masvidal and after one more loss, he retired from the sport.

7 Staying Put – Alexander Volkanovski

Via: UFC

Alexander Volkanovski was the man who was able to upset the then featherweight king, Max Holloway. Max was considered the greatest Featherweight of all time before Volkanovski and now that he is champion, he has a huge target on his back in one of the most talent-rich divisions in the UFC.

6 Last Match – Anderson Silva

Via: UFC

Anderson Silva changed the way that people viewed strikers in MMA. Before him, they were usually just brawlers who could hit hard, but he showed finesse and talent standing up that fans hadn’t seen before. Now in his mid-forties and critically injuring himself in his last fight, it might be time to hang up the gloves.

5 Staying Put – Jose Aldo

Via: UFC

When MMA fans found out that Jose Aldo was going to move down to Bantamweight, t was met with a lot of skepticism. After his great performance against Marlon Moraes fans changed their minds and could see him challenge for the title, despite losing that match in a controversial decision.

4 Last Match – Urijah Faber

Via: UFC

Urijah Faber is one of the OG fighters in the smaller divisions, starting out in the WEC days. He made a recent successful return to the octagon after a pretty short retirement but in his last match lost in a fairly devastating fashion with his family in attendance. It might be time to hang up the gloves again.

3 Staying Put – Tony Ferguson

Via: UFC

Tony Ferguson is one of the weirdest people in the UFC hands down. From his interviews to his fighting style to the way that he trains, not to mention his more controversial antics outside of the cage. Tony has a long career ahead of, especially since he hasn’t attained the unified Lightweight title yet.

2 Last Match – Andrei Arlovski

Via: UFC

Andre Arlovski was once the UFC heavyweight champion of the world and he has managed to stay near the top of weight class hierarchy even after losing the title. Now that the Belarusian mixed martial artist in his early 40’s and has taken a lot of damage in his recent matches, it might be time to retire.

1 Staying Put – Jorge Masvidal

Via: UFC

Jorge Masvidal took some time off from the sport to heal some injuries and to reflect on his approach and his career. To everyone’s surprise, he came back with a mission, finishing all of his recent opponents and is on track to the title and he seems to have a lot of years left in him.

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