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PEORIA (WEEK) – 22-year-old, Aaron Chess announced his candidacy Saturday afternoon.

A Peoria native who calls himself a ‘product of the projects’ kicked off his holiday celebrations with the big announcement, a bid for Peoria’s first district council seat.

The announcement cam on the fourth outside of the old Harrison School in Peoria’s South Side. There, Chess proposed a ‘Buy Back the Block’ initiative. Chess is calling on the community to purchase outdated infrastructures, like the old Harrison building, and have them torn down, or refurbished.

Street by street, Chess wants to redevelop Peoria’s South Side, build locally owned businesses, and end their food desert.

“For too long, our community, such as the south side and the north side, have been stereotyped and labeled as crime ridden zones or places you shouldn’t go after dark,” said Chess.

He is also advocating for more youth programs within the community, to lead kids down the right path, or help those who may have already made some poor decisions.

“I’ll do whatever I can to make the south side and the north side and have a positive name,” added Chess.

If Chess is elected, he will propose new and incoming Peoria Police Officers should have to live within city limits.

“The change will not happen over night, nor will it happen in my first term as councilman, but this is a start to making the first district a more safe and better place,” said Chess.

Chess says he will be pushing to bring back town hall style meetings for the community.

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