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For eight teams, there is unfinished business on the field with a Lombardi Trophy still in sight. But the the rest of the NFL has already moved on to 2019 and the churn of the offseason, which means preparing for free agency.

Naturally, the most notable names in free agency will drive the most interest: quarterbacks, star pass-rushers like DeMarcus Lawrence and Jadeveon Clowney, and, of course, Le’Veon Bell.

But the household names aren’t the only players who will cash in this offseason. NFL teams have their eyes on several quality players who have slid under the national radar but figure to make substantial money this upcoming March.

So, let’s take a look at the players who are set to make more money than you might expect.

Jarrett leads this list because he’s a player many already know of and appreciate. But when you play a position that can be difficult to quantify — and where gaudy statistics are hard to come by — your impact is overlooked in the box score (even still, Jarrett had 52 tackles and six sacks this season).

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Make no mistake about it, however: the 25-year-old Jarrett is one of the elite interior defensive linemen, capable of disrupting the integrity of the pocket on any play and holding up against the run. A recent run of defensive cornerstones has changed the financial game for top players; the Aaron Donald and Khalil Mack deals won’t be matched often, but the ceiling of a defensive player’s earnings rose when those deals were inked. Garrett will cash in.

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