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The first round of the 2019 women’s volleyball championship is underway. Rice picked up the first win of the tournament over Oklahoma, and also its first NCAA tournament win in program history.

Here is the list of the first-round matches that will take place tonight: 

Thursday, Dec. 5

The field of potential champions is crowded. 

Multiple teams have earned the top spot in the AVCA poll this season. Stanford and Nebraska played for the national championship last year and both are in good shape this season. But then there are some other big names: Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, and more. And then some new names, such as current No. 1 Baylor and Pittsburgh. 

So how is it looking? Pittsburgh, who has just one loss this season, is on the same quadrant of the bracket as Penn State. That’s their one loss this season, and if they got past that, Stanford as well. So that is a loaded top-right quadrant. 

Then, Minnesota and Texas are in the same quadrant, too. They are joined by a strong Florida team and Creighton, who was unseeded after a loss to St. Johns in the Big East conference tournament but still a dangerous foe. There are others looking to make some noise, AKA Louisville, Western Kentucky, and UCSB. 

Baylor became No. 1 this season for the first time in program history. They have Washington in their quadrant, and Kentucky and Purdue. 

Then there is Wisconsin and Nebraska, who could possibly face each other for the THIRD time this season. One of them will have to go down to move on to the semi finals in Pittsburgh. 

Basically, anything can happen. This tournament is going to be interesting. 

 Here is the full list of first-round matchups: 

(All times Eastern)

2019 DI women’s volleyball championship — First round games

Thursday, Dec. 5

  • Florida State vs UCF — 4:30 p.m., Gainesville, Florida
  • Oklahoma vs Rice — 5:30 p.m., College Station, Texas
  • Texas State vs UCSB — 5:30 p.m., Austin, Texas
  • Samford vs Louisville — 6 p.m., Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Alabama State vs (10) Florida — 7 p.m., Gainesville, Florida
  • St. John’s vs (13) Texas A&M — 7:30 p.m., College Station, Texas
  • Kennesaw State vs (15) Western Kentucky — 8 p.m., Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Albany vs 2 Texas — 8 p.m., Austin, Texas

Friday, Dec. 6

  • VCU vs Cincinnati — 4 p.m., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
  • Dayton vs Marquette — 4:30 p.m., West Lafayette, Indiana
  • American vs Towson — 5 p.m., State College, Pennsylvania
  • Northern Kentucky vs Michigan — 5 p.m., Lexington, Kentucky
  • UNI vs Missouri — 5:30 p.m., Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Notre Dame vs UCLA — 5:30 p.m., Madison, Wisconsin
  • Iowa State vs Creighton — 5:30 p.m., Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • SFA vs USC — 6 p.m., Waco, Texas
  • Illinois vs Utah — 6 p.m., Provo, Utah
  • Wright State vs (16) Purdue — 7 p.m., West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Howard vs (6) Pitt — 7 p.m., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • SEMO vs (9) Kentucky — 7:30 p.m., Lexington, Kentucky
  • Georgia vs Cal Poly — 7:30 p.m., Stanford, California
  • Princeton vs (11) Penn State — 7:30 p.m., State College, Pennsylvania
  • Sacred Heart vs (1) Baylor — 8 p.m., Waco, Texas
  • South Carolina vs Colorado State — 8 p.m., Seattle, Washington
  • Ball State vs 5 Nebraska — 8 p.m., Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Illinois State vs (4) Wisconsin — 8 p.m., Madison, Wisconsin
  • Fairfield vs (7) Minnesota — 8 p.m., Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • New Mexico State vs (14) BYU — 9 p.m., Provo, Utah
  • Washington State vs San Diego — 9:30 p.m., Honolulu, Hawai’i
  • Denver vs (3) Stanford — 10 p.m., Stanford, California
  • Winthrop vs (8) Washington — 10:30 p.m., Seattle, Washington

Saturday, Dec. 7

Here are some of the biggest matchups in the first round: 

St. John’s vs. (13) Texas A&M — 7:30 p.m., Dec. 5: St. Johns earned its way into the field with wins over Marquette and Creighton in the Big East conference tournament. 

Illinois vs. Utah — 6 p.m., Dec. 6: Utah and Illinois are evenly matched. They are both teams that have come really close this season multiple times against top-ranked opponents. Keep an eye on this first-round matchup. 

South Carolina vs. Colorado State — 8 p.m., Dec. 6: Colorado State has only one loss this season and 28 straight wins before the tournament. This will be their chance to show what they are made of on a bigger stage. 

Washington State vs. San Diego — 9:30 p.m., Dec. 6: Washington State is also coming off of a huge win over Washington at the end of the regular season and just made the tournament field. They could be a team to pull off some upsets. 

2019 DI women’s volleyball playoffs: The championship bracket

Sixty four teams were selected to the 2019 DI women’s volleyball championship bracket.Thirty two were awarded automatic qualification by winning their respective regular season conference championship. The remaining 32 teams were selected at large 2019 DI women’s volleyball tournament: The championship bracket: 

2019 womens volleyball tournament bracket

Below, you can watch NCAA DI women’s volleyball committee chair Michelle Durban break down the bracket and give some answers regarding the fourth, fifth and sixth seeds, the bottom tier of host teams vs non-hosts, and some matchups we might see.

NCAA DI volleyball committee chair Michelle Durban breaks down the 2019 tournament bracket

You can also see one version of the 2019 women’s college volleyball tournament bracket, predicted:

The 2019 DI women’s college volleyball bracket, predicted

Below is the tentative round-by-round schedule for the 2019 DI women’s volleyball championship. The semifinals will be aired on ESPN and the national championship will be aired on ESPN2.

  • First round: (32 games/16 sites): Thursday and Friday, Dec. 5-6
  • Second round: (16 games/16 sites): Friday and Saturday, Dec. 6-7
  • Regionals (8 games/4 sites): Friday and Saturday, Dec. 13-14 
  • Semifinals (2 games/Pittsburgh): Thursday, Dec. 19 at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on ESPN
  • Championship game: (Pittsburgh): Saturday, Dec. 21 at 8 p.m. on ESPN2

GET READY FOR PITTSBURGH: Buy tickets| View the bracket | Event schedule | Full guide

2019 DI women’s volleyball championship: History

2018 Stanford (34-1) Kevin Hambly 3-2 Nebraska Minneapolis
2017 Nebraska (32-4) John Cook 3-1 Florida Kansas City
2016 Stanford (26-7) John Dunning 3-1 Texas Columbus
2015 Nebraska (32-4) John Cook 3-0 Texas Omaha
2014 Penn State (36-3) Russ Rose 3-0 BYU Oklahoma City
2013 Penn State (34-2) Russ Rose 3-1 Wisconsin Seattle
2012 Texas (29-4) Jerritt Elliott 3-0 Oregon Louisville
2011 UCLA (29-6) Michael Sealy 3-1 Illinois San Antonio, Texas
2010 Penn State (32-5) Russ Rose 3-0 California UMKC
2009 Penn State (38-0) Russ Rose 3-2 Texas South Florida
2008 Penn State (38-0) Russ Rose 3-0 Stanford Nebraska
2007 Penn State (34-2) Russ Rose 3-2 Stanford Sacramento State
2006 Nebraska (33-1) John Cook 3-1 Stanford Nebraska
2005 Washington (32-1) Jim McLaughlin 3-0 Nebraska UTSA
2004 Stanford (30-6) John Dunning 3-0 Minnesota Long Beach State
2003 Southern California (35-0) Mick Haley 3-1 Florida Dallas
2002 Southern California (31-1) Mick Haley 3-1 Stanford New Orleans
2001 Stanford (33-2) John Dunning 3-0 Long Beach State San Diego State
2000 Nebraska (34-0) John Cook 3-2 Wisconsin VCU
1999 Penn State (36-1) Russ Rose 3-0 Stanford Hawaii
1998 Long Beach State (36-0) Brian Gimmillaro 3-2 Penn State Wisconsin
1997 Stanford (33-2) Don Shaw 3-2 Penn State Washington State
1996 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-0 Hawaii Cleveland State
1995 Nebraska (32-1) Terry Pettit 3-1 Texas Massachusetts
1994 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-1 UCLA Texas
1993 Long Beach State (32-2) Brian Gimmillaro 3-1 Penn State Wisconsin
1992 Stanford (31-2) Don Shaw 3-1 UCLA New Mexico
1991 UCLA (31-5) Andy Banachowski 3-2 Long Beach State UCLA
1990 UCLA (36-1) Andy Banachowski 3-0 Pacific Maryland
1989 Long Beach State (32-5) Brian Gimmillaro 3-0 Nebraska Hawaii
1988 Texas (34-5) Mick Haley 3-0 Hawaii Minnesota
1987 Hawaii (37-2) Dave Shoji 3-1 Stanford Indianapolis
1986 Pacific (39-3) John Dunning 3-0 Nebraska Pacific
1985 Pacific (36-3) John Dunning 3-1 Stanford Western Michigan
1984 UCLA (33-6) Andy Banachowski 3-2 Stanford UCLA
1983 Hawaii (34-2) Dave Shoji 3-0 UCLA Kentucky
1982 Hawaii (33-1) Dave Shoji 3-2 Southern California Pacific
1981 Southern California (27-10) Chuck Erbe 3-2 UCLA UCLA

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