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Many wrestlers have wound up dating and marrying each other. Find out which couples have gone on to have children together!

When you’re a professional wrestler, you can be on the road for upwards of 250-plus days a year. The road can be a little lonely for some and for people that have someone waiting for them at home, sometimes a significant other might not understand it. Why not just date and marry someone in the business then?

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Over the years, several wrestlers have married and started families of their very own. Here are 10 wrestling couples who are parents together.

10 The Miz And Maryse

The Miz is one of the prime examples of how the WWE system should build a Superstar. He’s came in with heat, just due to his personality. Rather than go against the grain, he was booked as a heel. He has earned the respect of the locker room and the fans for years now. He is always the quintessential overachiever as well – just look at his wife! He was able to somehow woo former Divas champion, Maryse and the two married in 2014. They also have put their marriage on TV for the reality show, Miz And Mrs. which also stars their now two children – Monroe Sky and Madison Jane.

9 Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella

Proof that the cream always rises to the top, Daniel Bryan’s hard work all over the world never went unnoticed and the fans continually pushed for him to be at the top of the card. He’s the closest thing the company has to a working legend these days. Shortly after WrestleMania XXX and his professional triumph, he had a personal triumph as well and married Brie Bella.

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Fans have been treated to snippets of their lives between Total Divas and Total Bellas. Certainly the couples’ greatest personal accomplishment has been starting a family. Brie gave birth to Birdie Joe in 2017 and is currently pregnant with baby number two.

8 Triple H And Stephanie McMahon

There is much ballyhoo made about The Rock’s daughter Simone possibly becoming the first-ever fourth-generation Superstar. But that’s not entirely true, Shane and Stephanie McMahon are also fourth-generation stars. Thanks to her marriage to Triple H, she became the first McMahon to marry someone in the business. Time will tell if either Shane’s sons or any of her daughters will grow up to become the sixth generation of McMahons promoting wrestling. If that’s the case, they will certainly be putting together a celebration 100 years in the making.

7 Jimmy Uso And Naomi

When Naomi married Jimmy Uso, not only did she become part of one of the greatest wrestling dynasties in history, she instantly became a mom as well. Jayla and Jaidan, Jimmy’s kids from his first marriage live with the couple in Florida. They’ve also made a few appearances on the Glow-rious One’s instagram.

6 Seth Rollins And Becky Lynch

From 2018 until about now, no two Superstars were hotter than the Monday Night Messiah and The Man. At separate points, both stars had to rebound from poor creative and continue their hot streaks (Becky was turned heel and Rollins was fed to The Fiend). Becky Lynch has to stop her own momentum earlier this year but despite what Jim Cornette says, it was for all of the right reasons. The Man announced that she was pregnant and set to become The Mom.

5 Undertaker And Michelle McCool

After years of keeping in character, fans are getting to know about a kinder, gentler Undertaker during The Last Ride. At his side for the past ten years has been his wife, Michelle McCool.

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The former co-holder of the Women’s title has held down the homestead over the years, taking care of their daughters, including Kaia who has been stealing the show during the docuseries, hamming it up with Xavier Woods and in stories of Taker telling about who her real favorite wrestlers are.

4 Mike Bennett And Maria Kanellis

Out of all of the couples on this list, Mike and Maria Bennett were apt for being seen in a twisted marriage where Mike was continuously verbally abused by Maria. They made their debut in the company in 2017 as a wildly in love couple, but Maria almost immediately took a leave of absence after announcing her first pregnancy. During a match with Bennett against Seth and Becky, she announced her second pregnancy, with a boy – Carver. During this time, she became a 24/7 champion.

3 Tommy Dreamer And Beulah McGillicutty

Nearly every promotion has a first or favorite type of couple. The Macho Man and Elizabeth, DDP and Kimberly, and Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty. The extreme couple got married in 2002 and Beulah gave birth to twin girls shortly after. They even got an acting gig, playing Tony Sopranos’ niece Domenica on the episode, “The Ride.”

2 Booker T And Sharmell

The former king and queen of WWE began dating when Sharmell was one of the Nitro Girls in WCW. As Booker T’s star rose in WWE, the couple married in 2005.

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In 2010, the king and queen delivered the prince and princess to the world – twins Kendrick and Kennedy were born on August 5th. They also have a son, Brandon from Booker’s first marriage.

1 Matt Hardy And Reby Sky

Several years ago, Matt Hardy reinvigorated his career and almost single-handedly saved TNA with his Broken Brilliance. Some might argue that the cinematic matches he made then have served as a blueprint for some of the cinematic matches that are going on right now. He married Reby Sky in 2013. Thanks to the entire Broken Universe, fans have gotten to also know their first son, Maxel. During Matt’s last WWE run, “Queen Rebecca” had given birth to two more sons – Wolfgang and Bartholomew.

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