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Edge Christian SmackDown vs Raw 2011

Wrestling video game developers can’t resist slotting in sly little digs at those lining company coffers (all in good fun, of course) or leaving a trail of clever Easter eggs only hardcore fans would be able to find and fully appreciate. This playful strategy hasn’t always been part of the genre’s fabric, but it’s a giggle when it is.

Then WWE 2K20 came along and, instead of breaking fourth walls, it broke fan patience.

Disappointment and anger for 2K’s latest was so strong that it threatened to destroy the entire series. Since that nightmare, the publisher has announced a new spin off entitled WWE Battlegrounds, and will look to rescue the main line franchise in time for 2K22’s release next year. Hopefully, they’ll throw in some fourth-wall-breaking shade at 2K20 whilst they’re at it.

Why wouldn’t they? The game is there to be poked fun at like 2K, and THQ years before them, managed to do in other titles. It’s probably just as well most gamers can spot a lighthearted joke and don’t take such jibes personally.

Being repeatedly called out for playing video games could get ugly…

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