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Of all motor sports in the world, Formula One is a one that invest millions each year on their race cars alone. Companies, sometimes, have a budget upward of $400 million dollars per season. With all those resources and cash, it’s no wonder why F1 cars are some of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet.

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Though the standard is extremely high for Formula One, not every team manages to meet their marks every season. However, some are the opposite; Taking win after win and dominating the competition. These rare instances will be remembered for a long time in the minds of F1 fans, as evidenced by how many remember the car’s name. To illustrate this point, here’s ten of best F1 cars ever built…

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10 Brabham BT46

Of all the vehicles to participate in a championship race, some of the best were cut painfully short. For example, observe the Brabham BT46 ‘Fan Car.’ An F1 car that had a literal turbine mounted to it to provide extra downforce.

After only a small time on track and in competition, the idea of a ‘fan car’ (And the BT46, specifically) was outlawed by the F.I.A. (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). When it was on track, however, it decimated every other vehicle on the Swiss track. Not to mention that the renowned Niki Lauda was at the helm of it all too.

9 Ferrari 500

The 1950’s were, certainly, not like todays modern world. Not just in terms of society, political inclinations, and technology, but also in rules/regulations surrounding sports. Even F1 wasn’t free from some screwy rule-making, as evidenced by the Ferrari 500 (An F2 car) being allowed into F1.

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As Ferrari was known for in the old days, it was a force to be reckoned with. The Ferrari 500, though, was special since it was such a force in both Formula 2 and Formula One. With a driver like Ascari and a team like Ferrari, the 500 really was a match made in heaven.

8 McLaren MP4/4

Before Mercedes and Red Bull were dominating the Hybrid-era, and before Ferrari was king of the V10’s, McLaren rained supreme with their race cars. One such car that blew away the ’80s F1 enthusiasts was the McLaren MP4/4.

With, arguably, two of the best drivers of all time, Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, behind the wheel of the MP4/4, it should have been no surprise that it would be so victorious. Its victories, however, are not to be attributed to the drivers alone, since the MP4/4 was very advanced. No short part due to the ingenious work of then McLaren designer Gordon Murray.

7 Brawn BGP 001

In 2009, Ross Brawn decided to move away from pre-established Formula One teams. Instead, he would create his own team; named simply “Brawn GP.” Few thought the team would amount to much, but, they were quickly reminded to never underestimate your foes.

Due to a little bit of rule-bending and engineering genius, Ross Brawn’s team discovered a potential aerodynamics modification: The double diffuser. In short, the double diffuser improved downforce significantly, which helped Jenson Button to secure the constructor and driver’s championship for Brawn in 2009.

Definitely not bad for a new team’s first year on the grid. Unfortunately, Brawn GP wouldn’t last forever.

6 Williams FW14B

For die-hard fans of Formula One, the name Adrian Newey may ring a few bells. If you’re not already aware, Mr. Newey sits among the best Formula One designers/engineers on the planet. He’s worked for several teams and multiple cars, such as the 1992 Williams FW14/FW14B.

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With fierce competition from McLaren, Williams pulled out all the stops to defeat their opponent. To support this, the FW14B had an active suspension in the rear and standard pushrods in the back.With Nigel Mansell as the pilot and the FW14B as the car, Williams swept the season to break McLaren’s stronghold on the championship.

5 Red Bull RB9

Once again, Adrian Newey shows his vast intellect and superior skills. This time, however, it isn’t at Williams, but at Red Bull. Not too long before their first championship in 2010, Red Bull was a struggling team that was getting beaten by their sister team: Toro Rosso. Thankfully, the team found their footing for many years to come.

Although Red Bull had already secured three championships in a row during 2010, 2011, and 2012, their fourth in 2013 would do so in spectacular fashion. Even though the RB7 was a fast race car, the RB9 in 2013 would decimate everyone else. It was so dominate, actually, that few doubted Red Bulls ability to claim a fourth title. Not long afterwards, they happily did.

4 McLaren MP4/6

Like the McLaren MP4/4, McLaren had, once again, found the perfect formula for success (No pun intended). This time, the 1991 season would be another great showing from the two McLaren drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. On this occasion, though, Senna would get his revenge once more for Prost’s actions in 1989 at Suzuka.

The weapon of choice this time around was the MP4/6. Of all the F1 cars in existence, the McLaren MP4/6 is, probably, one of the most beautiful race cars of them all. With outstanding looks, a powerful Honda engine, and two world-class drivers, the MP4/6 often found itself in first place or in a poster on a fan’s wall.

3 Scuderia Ferrari F2002

For Formula One fans who feel disheartened by the current state of the sport and Mercedes’ (Seemingly) unending superiority over everyone else, remember that it could always be more drastic; as evidenced by Ferrari’s back-to-back championships in the early/mid-2000’s, especially in 2002.

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As a fan of Ferrari, it’s always nice to see them succeed, but sometimes too much success can be boring. For example, observe the 2002 season with Ferrari’s combo of their F2002 and Michael Schumacher. When Michael was looking for his competition, it was usually through there mirrors, as Schumacher and Ferrari virtually drove away with the trophy in the alluring rosso corsa F2002.

2 Mercedes AMG F1 W10 Hybrid

As mentioned previously, sometime too much winning will lose its value amongst fans. Formula One fans can understand this very well now with Mercedes AMG destroying Ferrari this year in their W10.

For the first eight races of this year’s season, Mercedes won all of them. It took Ferrari up until the end of the summer break to win their first race at the Belgian Grand Prix. The AMG F1 W10 is just so far ahead of the competition. Though it may struggle in certain places, such as straights or hot-weather tracks, the amazing drivers and skilled Mercedes team work on and improve any mistakes.

As a result, Mercedes has (Basically) already clinched the 2019 Constructor’s championship. Now, all that’s left is to see if Bottas can keep up with the likes of Lewis Hamilton.

1 Mercedes AMG F1 W07 Hybrid

Although the 2019 season may feel like complete dominance from Mercedes, it’s nothing when compared with the 2016 season. After Hybrid V6’s were mandated for the 2014 (and beyond) season, Mercedes has become the ‘team to beat.’ Moreover, the 2016 F1 season showed just how capable the German team was.

The 2016 season had a total of 21 races. Of these races, the W07 had 19 wins and a pole position start for nearly every race. What the W07 will really be remembered for, however, is the show between Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The fighting was intense, but Rosberg ended up on top by Dubai, then abruptly retired after becoming the 2016 Formula One World Champion.

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